Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pinoy Jeep

Pinoy Jeep
Original Pinoy Commute
Pasahero ako!!!

Passenger Jeepney

Passenger Jeepney 
sa Pilinas lang yan!!! 
Pinoy Kase!!!!

Thats the Creativeness of the
Pinoy in Mode of Transportations

There are Innovations in the part of the country Powered now by Current

Alternative Accessible Transportation rather than BUS Major Transport compared to any part of the World Typically undeveloped but
It is very convenient in Philippine 
Situations of Economy

Enjoy Ride ka na sa 
Jeep Ride 
Free aircon pa
Beware of Pollutions Lang
at snatchers!!!

Promotions for more Development in 
Transportations, Standard Economy

Protection and Promotions of 
Human Rights


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