Monday, March 12, 2012

Forensic Accounting / Financial Forensics or Investigative Accounting

Field of My Profession
Lets talk about
Forensics and Audit

Forensic Accounting 
Financial Forensics
Investigative Accounting

Fraud and Irregularities and Investigative Subjects 
The Forensics Experts investigate well to track the
Irregularities and frauds and Anomalies

The Forensic Accounting can Investigate well Corruptions
in the Government like the on going investigation of 
Justice Corona

You can not escape from Forensics Expert on their field of 

The Forensics accountant are for legal cases 
investigation against fraud and anomalies

Be an Accountant it is a Good Course....
and Profession...

You can be A lawyer after Finishing Accounting
Be a CPA / Lawyer


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