Saturday, December 15, 2012

2012 DOOMSDAY or Chaotic Calamities in the World

or Chaotic Calamities in the World

Dec 21, 2012 Doomsday
Sumerian Time Discovered Planet Nibiru and now in 
Modern Technology in May 2003

 I saw this in You Tube I will share this things to you 
believe it or not?
For the Believers and scientific persons....

Doomsday!!! End of the World Science Facts, Fictions, World War End
or Bible Religious Prophesy

Some Science Facts from Youtube
NiBiru Planet a second Sun Science Facts
Some Believers and Scientific People have predictions on this Nibiru Planet
as End of the Day on 2012 Dec 21

This Nibiru Planet makes some changes in our Atmosphere Sun shines, 
Earth climate and changes in everything.....

Do you believe in Doomsday, Rapture or Not?

Watch this?


 What do you think?
Believe it or not!!!!
For me as Believing in Supreme Being and Science I think the NIBIRU Planet is true 
and truly exits in our modern science technology and discovery and it is Just the new discovery by Different Countries and Aero space persons and our new modern Science Discovery in the Galaxy and solar system today last May 2003 from the ancient times of Sumerians 4000 years ago......I believe in it the planet Nibiru existence or it maybe wrong as I believe in facts around and the story behind it of aliens I don't believe in it also which it is not the bible says, Only Human and life form in Earth and the Angels and God exist in the Universe and Heaven.......  

NIBIRU PLANET and AXIS - Orbit in Solar System
Drawn by the Sumerians

The Ancient Sumerians Tablet sculpture the solar system 
with Nibiru 

The NASA Deny the Existense of NIBIRU PLANET and say that NIBIRU
is just an internet scams and stupidity...Well on their official statement on their website is very denying and just accepting a discovery of eris planet  dwarf
planet i don't think so...The NIBIRU Planet is has very bad issues so they deny the
issues of its existence for there is no doubts and panic by the people and effects of false and pseudo belief on it of rupture or doomsday or some catastrophe and calamity from the planet effects in solar system specially the earth... The collision prediction and dis-alignment of the planets by sumerian and others and Bible prophesy of the disalignment of the planets in the solar system but this will not be happen in December 21,2012 I agree with that on the NASA side of their Disseminations
about that issue and the Bible Prophesy of there is no one can predict
the doomsday so the disalignment saying of the Bible are on the unpredictable of exact date in Doomsday as says also by the Bible......

I hope there is nothing beyond chaos on this discovery as what doomsday predicts in 2012......
On the Facts about NIBIRU I hope they have some more accurate measures and meanings
and calculations in science on the movement and effects of NIBIRU in the future and 2012.....

On the Prophesy and Religous Belief  
  the Doomsday or rupture or end of the world are near but far from now as I believe on
my Bible readings understanding on the sayings of the Bible, no one will and can predict exact date of the Judgment Day or Doomsday, the Bible only tells the Warning or sign before Doomsday and our Faith is our salvations do not be fear believe on the God lights and help of Mother Mary lights...............
 The NIBIRU Facts might be correct but not 100% effects on earth
it might be a severe calamities will come in the earth on the Facts effects........ 
I hope it will not might be happen.............
We have Faith and have Faith to God and Jesus and 
Mother Mary Lights and love and Blessings and  Guidance to us and Protects us.....
Keep faith to God thru Jesus to lights us and Protect us...... 
Mother Mary lights helps us and saves us...
God Guide the People so that we are not deceive by false 
prophesy and predictions....

God and Jesus and Mother Mary Lights and Love 
Bless us always....... 

Siguro pag nangyari ang NIBIRU falling on Earth sanay bumagsak 
sa kapitbahay kong manggugulo pagbibintang at saka siraulo ng ABS-CBN at nauto nila ng matahan sa kademonyuhan ha! ha! ha!....... 
 Sabi nga raw pag binato ka ng nagbibintang sayo may babato rin sa kanila Planeta nga lang ang babagsak sa kanila ha! ha! ha!.....Ni-biru lang !!!!
 Joke! joke! joke! Nibibiru ka lang naman!!
sanay aksyunan na sila ng Gobyerno ng matigil.....

" Keep faith to GOD and Jesus and Mother Mary Lights "